About me
Born in Dublin, Ireland, though living and working since 1987 as a commercial and fine art photographer in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Upcoming shows::
2013 Sturiale Paper Project 3, group exhibition, Bolzano, Italy

Selected Exhibitions:
2013 Bensonhurst, The Social, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 Sturiale Paper Project 1, group exhibition, Gorizia, Italy
2010 Renegade, Gorizia, Italy
2010 Accrochage 1, group exhibition, GDBG, Gorizia, Italy
2009 Mexican Cultural Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 Renegade, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 Renegade, Copenhagen,Denmark
2008 Aspects of Danish Photography, Esbjerg, Denmark
2007 The Animal Show, Galleri Hornbæk, Denmark
2007 Aspekte Dänischer Fotografie, Felles Hus, Nordische Botschaften, Berlin, Germany
2006 Singular Images, Galleri Hornbaek, Denmark
2005 American Spaces, Galleri Hornbaek, Denmark
2000 Selected Irish Work, Bloomsday, Copenhagen, Denmark
1997 Bloomsday, Copenhagen, Denmark
1993 Lidell Gallery, New York
1993 Geoghegan Gallery, Galway, Ireland
1991 Planket, Copenhagen, Denmark
1991 American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark
1991 KVK Art Collection, Køge, Denmark
1990 Random Images, Café Blomsten, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008, Aspects of Danish Photography, Lars Schwander, Photogallery and Esbjerg Public Library, Denmark. ISBN:978-87-987444-3-6
1999, Macker, Schlampe, Heuchlerbande, Die Tageszeitung, Berlin, Germany ISBN: 3-499-60786-7
1993, Photography Year Book, Fountain Press Limited, London, England. ISBN: 0-86343-301-4
1991, Eskild’s Plankeværk, Foto under Åben Himmel, Medieværksted, Copenhagen, Denmark. ISBN: 87-89185-45-5

2002 - 2004 Multimedia Design, Copenhagen Business Academy, Denmark
1992 - 1993 Diploma in Photojournalism, ICP, International Center of Photography, New York

2007, Travel stipendium, Ophavretsfonden, Danish Union of Journalists, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen Based Irish Photographer

A portfolio based photo site by Copenhagen based Irish photographer containing documentary and journalistic work from New York, Central America and Europe. photo sections on portraiture, commercial photography assignments and promotional work as well as current work in progress.