Copyright notice and Terms of Use
Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all photographs appearing on the site are the exclusive intellectual property of Kevin Broadbery. No images are within the Public Domain, and no image use besides those authorized in this document are permitted without a contract.

Usage Guidelines for personal use
Screen-saver or background image on your computer Emailing a copy to a friend Printing copies on your printer (although if you want something nice to display on your wall, I'd recommend you order a photographic print from me). Educational documents such as school reports and thesis. Displaying on a personal non-profit web page, provided that you display next to the image: (a) copyright information and (b) an active link to the (

What you cannot do without a commercial license

No images may be used without carrying appropriate copyright information next to the images, acknowledging that the copyright to all images are owned by Kevin Broadbery. You may not redistribute or reproduce multiple copies, make derivative works, perform or otherwise use in a public way the images except as part of your own personal website or personal (student) educational documents.

Images may not be sold or used in any way in connection with any activity wherein payment is earned. This includes use on a commercial web site, use in your work, or use by any organization (including non-profit, educational, or goverment) which has paid personnel.

All images must accurately represent the original work and be used in their entirety without tampering, additions, cropping, low quality reproduction, or other manipulation that would affect the integrity of the image (note that this, like the other points in this section, only applies to uses without a commercial licence).

Copenhagen Based Irish Photographer

A portfolio based photo site by Copenhagen based Irish photographer containing documentary and journalistic work from New York, Central America and Europe. photo sections on portraiture, commercial photography assignments and promotional work as well as current work in progress.